Lied Randolph Public Library


The mission of the Lied Randolph Public Library is to provide a learning center for our community and a place people turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading and the power of information. Community needs drive our services and we take a personal interest in ensuring that they are delivered in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner.

Emergency and Safety Policy


At the first indication of smoke or flame, investigate the situation to determine location and extent of the fire.  If the fire can obviously be contained and extinguished quickly and safely by staff, proceed to do so.  However, if there is any doubt about whether the fire can be controlled immediately call 911 and clear the building.  Fire extinguishers are located between the bathrooms and by the basement door.

Fire Alarm panel is located in the front entry.  If alarm is pulled, find and reset alarm.  Go to the panel and hold down the system reset until it quits flashing, it will ask for password, 2222, then hit the enter button.

Tornado Warnings

During a tornado warning, the Library is not open for service, but it will remain unlocked for

shelter. A tornado warning is declared in one or both of the following ways: the sounding of the sirens or announcements on the radio. Everyone must take shelter in basement storeroom. All customers are required to take shelter in assigned area or leave the building until the National Weather Service has canceled the warning. Children under 18 will not be allowed to leave unless they are with a parent or guardian. Should the warning extend beyond the regular hours of operation, staff will remain until the warning has expired and the building is secured.


Health Emergencies

Staff members should exercise caution when administering first aid of even a minor nature because of the safety of the injured individual and the potential liability of the staff member.  Without specialized training it is not advisable for staff to undertake more than keeping the sick or injured patron comfortable and protected from needless disturbance until medical help can be obtained.  Since each case is unique, staff members should use their own judgment to do what is prudent and reasonable.  The Rescue Squad/Police should be called immediately in the event of any serious problem.  No medication should ever be dispensed to the public.

Power, Water, Heating, Building Problems

Contact the City Office, 402-337-0567

Bomb Threats

In case of a bomb threat, keep the caller on the line as long as possible.  Ask the caller to repeat the message and try to write down every word spoken by the person.  If the caller does not indicate the location of the bomb or the time of possible detonation, ask for this information.  Immediately call the police and clear the building.

Bad Weather

Closing will be at the discretion of the Library Director or an employee designated by the director.  Let the City Office know (402-337-0567), place a sign in the door, post on Facebook and contact radio stations, KTCH 402-375-3700, WJAG KEXL 800-284-2750, US 92

Education/Meeting Room Policy


Meeting Room Fees: The use of meeting rooms is free of charge to non-profit civic, social, cultural, educational, and government organizations, as long as the meetings or programs they hold are open to the public, are free of charge, and are not held with the intention of generating revenue.

Donations to the library’s gift fund are accepted with pleasure.

The fee assessed for for-profit groups, personal use or businesses is $35.00

For-profits presenting educational seminars are subject to meeting room rental fees unless the program is being presented at the direct invitation of the Library.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

Payment must be made at the time of reservation.


•     Food and beverages may be served provided that all evidence of food is removed from the premises before leaving, the kitchenette is cleaned, and all trash is properly bagged and discarded. A refundable deposit of $50 is required for all groups. This deposit will be returned within 24 hours, once it has been determined that the meeting room has been left in good condition. No food or beverages may be stored at the Library.

•     The serving of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

•     Preparation of the room for the meeting and clean-up following the meeting are the responsibilities of the group requesting use of the room. The group will also be responsible for any damage to Library property.

•     The library staff is not responsible for the supervision of children while adults are attending meetings. A copy of the Library’s Policy on Unattended Children may be obtained from the Library.

•     The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Smoking is not permitted in the Education/Meeting Room or anywhere in the Library.

Each group using a meeting room shall be responsible to ensure that the meeting room is returned to the same condition after the meeting as it was prior to the meeting. Failure to restore the meeting room to such prior condition shall render the group liable to the Board of Library Trustees for the cost of repair and clean up and may result in forfeiture of future bookings.

Under no circumstances may use of the meeting rooms interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, the work of the library staff or any other aspect of normal library operation.

Permission to use the rooms does not constitute endorsement or sponsorship of any program or event by the library. The library’s name may be used only in reference to location, not sponsorship. Any false, misleading or incomplete statement on the application form shall be grounds to forbid the use of meeting rooms by the applicant group.

The meeting room key along with a number of participants may be left in the book return if the library is closed.  Contact the library staff to have your deposit refunded.

Name_________________________                         Deposit_________________________________

Date__________________________                                    Responsible party_________________________

Time_________________________                                                              signature


Meeting Room Contents:

13 Tables, 36 Chairs (more chairs from main library may be used if needed), TV DVD player, Projector (will need to know ahead of time if this and the smartboard are to be used), Smart Board, Coffee Pot, Microwave, Refrigerator, Wireless Internet

The rooms max capacity is 92 but with tables it is 43.


Circulation Policy

All borrowers must be registered and have a valid library card to borrow library materials.  The borrower must be in good standing at the library and not owe for fines or damaged materials.


Children must have a parent or guardian give their consent on the application form before a new card can be issued.  This parental signature is not required for children who are renewing cards.

The loan period for books, magazines, audio books, and VHS movies are two weeks. Renewals may be made on items that are not on hold.  The loan period for DVDs is 1 week unless special circumstances are present and more time is requested.  There shall be a limit of 5 DVDs per person or 10 per household and 20 books/magazines.

A probation period may be enforced to limit the number of items checked out to 2 DVDs and 5 books. Limited checkouts may be necessary for a new patron without a permanent address or a current patron that consistently returns materials late.

There is a ten cent a day fine on overdue books and a $1.00 fine on overdue DVDS after a one week grace period.  Phone calls, emails, texts and/or Facebook messages will be sent to notify patrons of overdue books.  Letters are then sent when the items are not returned. Materials received through inter library loans will be fined according to the lending library.


If materials are damaged and unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the replacement cost.  A notice of these charges will be sent to the borrower. The records of the library indicating the identity of any individual who borrows or uses the library’s documents or any other materials, resources or services may not be disclosed.


Patron Behavior Policy

The Lied Randolph Public Library is committed to promoting an enjoyable and safe environment where patrons and staff can fully benefit from and utilize the Library’s resources and services.  We expect patrons to behave responsibly, respectfully and with consideration for others.  The following guidelines must be honored.  Disruptive behavior is not allowed.  Disruptive behavior may include but is not limited to:  running, playing audio equipment so others can hear, inappropriate cell phone use, threatening or harassing behavior, public intoxication, talking loudly, or engaging in any other behavior which library staff may interpret as disturbing to themselves, other patrons, and/or the library environment.

  • Weapons and explosives are not allowed on library property.
  • Physically abusing or assaulting other patrons or staff.
  • Appropriate attire including shoes and shirts must be worn.
  • Destruction of property, whether belonging to staff, patrons or the Library building, is not allowed.
  • Sleeping in the Library is not allowed.  If staff members are unable to wake up or determine the health of a patron, an ambulance may be called.
  • Children 7 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult in the library at all times.
  • Limited snacking is allowed but food or beverages should not create a mess or disturb other patrons.  No food or drink is allowed in the computer room.
  • No soliciting or selling items
  • Distribution of or posting of any printed material except through authorized library procedures.

If they are not honored, the library staff reserves the right to ask any patron to leave the library immediately.  Repeat violations may result in additional restrictions.



The duly appointed library board shall have all management rights, authority and responsibility of the library and library personnel.

The library board shall select the director of the library.

The library board shall provide an effective orientation for new directors to assure that the director understands the policies and process related to the daily operation of the library. The expectations of the board in regard to administrative processes and protocol, particularly as they relate to conducting effective board meetings, and the rules and requirements for state certification and any assistance which is provided by the library to acquire and maintain appropriate certification.

The director shall be responsible to the library board in matters pertaining to and concerning the library; be present at monthly board meetings and prepare and present such reports and meeting documents as requested.

The director shall hold regular meetings with staff and /or volunteers for training library staff and volunteers.

The director will be responsible for preparing annual performance assessments for library staff and volunteers.

The director shall have the responsibility for collection development for all materials in the library; this includes selection, ordering, processing, weeding, and inventory of the collections according to the guidelines in the policy.

The director will recommend changes in or additions to library policies as needed.

The director will perform preparatory work to assist the board with regular library planning.

Salaries, sick leave, vacation policy, bereavement leave, jury duty and all other policies are under the jurisdiction of the City and set by the City.

An employee of the Randolph Library may be dismissed for any action or behavior that causes the Library’s image or operation to be diminished. This includes but is not limited to: incompetence, misconduct, inattention to assigned duties, or unapproved absences from work.

While notice of intent to terminate can be expected, the Library reserves the right to dismiss an employee without notice in cases involving theft, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity or in instances of significant misconduct.

A library employee wishing to resign or retire form employment must notify the director or library board as soon as practicable. The library requests a minimum notice of two weeks. For the library director a notice of a least one month is preferred.

It is the policy of the Randolph Public Library to provide an equal employment opportunity for all qualified and qualifiable persons. Equal employment opportunity shall be according to the provisions of State and Federal Laws and Regulations.

In compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited while preforming work for the Randolph Public Library, whether that work is carried out in the workplace building or not. All employees shall abide, as a condition of employment, by the terms of this notice and shall notify the library director of board with five (5) days of any criminal drug statute for a violation occurring in the workplace.

Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of Title VII (Federal Law) and Statute 111.36b (state law). Sexual harassment, either verbal or physical, is an unlawful employment practice and will not be tolerated by the Randolph Public Library.

Physical Facilities

The Lied Randolph Public Library will strive to provide and maintain public library facilities, which meet the physical requirement of modern library service.  These facilities will offer a safe, pleasant place to read, look, listen and learn and partake in library services and programs.  The building is handicap accessible.

Displays and Exhibits Policy

Display Cases and exhibits

  • The Library display cases are available to organizations and individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities. The cases are not available for any political or religious displays.
  • Displays do not reflect endorsement or advocacy for any particular point of view by the Library. The views expressed implicitly or explicitly in any displays are those of the parties using the space.
  • Contact the Library Director to request display space.
  • Proposed exhibits must be within the public interest and consistent with the role of the Lied Randolph Public Library. Final approval of the actual exhibit along with schedule confirmation will be available after review by the Director or a staff member acting for the Director.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit the frequency, length, and placement of exhibits.
  • Library use of display space takes precedence in scheduling. Three days notice will be provided to exhibitors in the event a library use will preempt a scheduled user.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited.
  • The display areas are not available for commercial use or benefit. Artists displaying their work may leave a phone number or address at the circulation desk should viewers wish to contact them.
  • The Board of Trustees has the final decision on the interpretation of the above paragraphs.

Public Services

The Lied Randolph Public Library will be open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.  The library will be closed for lunch daily between 12:00 and 1:00.  The library will not be open on New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or the evenings prior to these holidays.  If any of these holidays fall on Sunday, the library will be closed on Monday. The library may be closed to the public because of severe weather or natural disasters.   The Library Director may exercise his/her judgment in determining the need for closing the building.  The City Administrator should be notified as soon as possible. The library may be closed on other special occasions when other businesses are closed.

All borrowers must have a library number in order to check out books and other materials. Cards are available at no charge.  All cardholders will be routinely asked to update personal registration information.  Proof of identity and address is required.

The library staff will provide guidance and assistance for people to obtain the information they seek.

The library will initiate programs, story hours, and discussion groups to stimulate the use of library materials and to guide in the effective use of technology and related software.

Proctoring for tests is available.

The library offers faxing, laminating, scanning and copying for a fee.

Everyone may use all reference materials and collections within the library building.  Anyone may use the public Internet Service who reads and agrees to the policy agreement and guidelines.  Anyone under 17 years of age must have a parent sign a consent form (library card registration form).

Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status.

The use of the library and its services may be denied temporarily for due cause.  Such cause may include but not be limited to failure to return books or to pay penalties, destruction or theft of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other objectionable conduct on library premises.

Weeding Policy

General guidelines for weeding are:

1. Last date of circulation ­ If the material has not been in general use during the past three to five years (depending on the type of material).

2. Physical condition – If the condition is badly worn or excessively dirty, the item may be weeded, and a decision concerning replacement should be made.

3. Timeliness – This is one of the most frequent criteria: Reference may be to: (a) out-of-date materials, particularly in the sciences and technology. A rule of thumb is to reconsider almost anything more than three to five years of age, (b) materials no longer in demand, or current community needs (c) older editions no longer used.

4. Reliability- ­ Viewpoints change and must be reflected in the collection.

5. Duplicates ­- Where there are duplicates and none seem to be circulating or used, a single copy may be all that is needed.

7. Reference works should be given special attention in order that all the above criteria be applicable in all of the special areas. Current information in this area is critical.

8. Yearly weeding of 3-5% of the collection will be completed.

9. Materials no longer useful may be sold for a small fee, taken to a used book store, given away or destroyed.

Continuing Education Policy

The Lied Randolph Public Library encourages the attendance of all staff members and trustees at professional meetings, conventions, conferences, and continuing education classes.  When possible, time will be allowed with pay for staff members to attend.

Mileage for one car, registration fees and expenses for staff members to attend state and systems library meetings will be allowed.

The current rate/mile set by the City of Randolph will be paid for mileage.

The library shall pay membership dues for the Nebraska Library Association for the director and assistant director.


It is the policy of the Lied Randolph Public Library to maintain confidentiality of its patron’s records.  The records of the library indicating the identity of any individual using the library’s materials may not be disclosed.  The computer daily sign-in records are not kept.

Finance Policy

The Lied Randolph Public Library is supported by the City of Randolph.  The Treasurer of the Library Board will pay library bills at the regular monthly meeting.  The Library Director will prepare the bills and present them for payment.  A record of the bills will kept with the minutes of the Library Boards monthly meetings.

Donation Policy

The Lied Randolph Public Library Board gladly accepts book, videos, games and other items as gifts.  However, the Board reserves the right to determine which items will be added to the collection.  It will be explained to those donating that unused items will be placed on a book or rummage sale with proceeds going to the library to add new items to the collection.


The Library Director and the Library Board shall jointly study, plan and develop policies for the selection of library materials, and for general collection development.

All materials shall be selected and retained or discarded by the Librarian and Staff in conformance with selection and weeding polices.

The Library will purchase material for children, young people and adults; fiction and nonfiction; materials that inform, instruct, provoke thought, and address issues. The collection shall include a broad range of subject material, but will give special consideration to material with regional significance. Materials will not be excluded for selection because of the race or nationality or the social, political or religious views of the author.

The librarian shall use appropriate selection tools, such as Booklist, Library Journal, Wilson Catalogs, and shall include regional sources such as the Omaha World Herald reviews, Golden Sower Award Nominees, Newberry Award Books, and Caldecott Award Books. Patron recommendations will be considered. Current popular material on bestseller lists will be included in regular basis.

Gifts must meet the same selection criteria as material purchased. All gifts will be accepted only with the provision that if the material does not fit into the collection, the gifts may be disposed of by the library.