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The Board convened in open session on January 9 at 5:45 p.m. at the Lied Randolph Public Library. Notice was given in advance by posting at more than the three minimum public places.   

          Call to Order at 5:45 pm
2.          Announcement of Open Meetings Act
3.          Please silence your cell phones

  2. Call to Order at 5:45pm (First-Shelly; Second-Jeri)
  3. Pursuant to The Nebraska Open Meetings Act a current copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted in the meeting room and is available for viewing by the public.

   II             ROUTINE BUSINESS

  1. Roll Call,  Present -Julie Pfanstiel, Megan Shearer, Tiffany Guenther, Jeri Gubbels, Shelley Crawford, Peggy Leiting Welcome newest members, Julie and Megan.

   III.            PUBLIC COMMENT

IV.           REGULAR AGENDA     
                  1. Motion by Shelley, Seconded by Gubbels  to approve previous minutes, claims
                  and financial reports ROLL CALL YEAS : Pfanstiel, Shearer, Guenther, Gubbels
                   Crawford. NAYS: None
                 2. Motion by Shelley, Seconded by Gubbels to approve claims  ROLL CALL YEAS:
                    Pfanstiel, Shearer, Guenther, Gubbels, Crawford. NAYS: None
                   3. Nomination and Election of officers

                        A.         President: Tiffany Guenther

                        B.         Treasurer:  Shelly Crawford

                        C.        Secretary:  Megan Shearer

            MOTION MADE BY Guenther , seconded by Gubbels ROLL CALL YEAS :
             Pfanstiel,  Shearer, Guenther, Gubbels, Crawford, NAYS: None

                  4. Library Report and upcoming events

                        A.         LIBRARY REPORT for December:  576 Visits with 846 items circulating, 32 computer uses, 177 digital checkouts. 8 Children’s programs with 130 attending:  3 young adult programs with 39 attending and 0 adult programs.   We had 20 individual use/train on the makerspace equipment.

                  5. Review policies

A.         Ipad policy–read and reviewed.  After discussion, kept it the same.

B.         Projector Lending Policy–read and reviewed. After discussion, kept it the

C.        Education/Meeting Room Policy–read and reviewed.  Changed wording and exceptions. MOTION MADE BY Guenther , seconded by Crawford ROLL CALL YEAS : Pfanstiel,  Shearer, Guenther, Gubbels, Crawford, NAYS: None

6. Makerspace update-

                        A.Becky does a great job.We will continue with free-will offering and donations and will make changes in the future if needed.
            7. Musical Instrument Park Update-Looking for ground cover suggestions and possible addition of musical instrument flowers.
            8. Ideas and suggestions–Kelli Thelen offered to help with Summer Reading Programs.  Looking into fair event program/performer.

V.               ADJOURN  Meeting adjourned at 6:58pm MOTION MADE BY Gubbels , seconded byPfanstiel  ROLL CALL YEAS : Pfanstiel,  Shearer, Guenther, Gubbels, Crawford, NAYS: None

NEXT MEETING: February 6th @ 5:00