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June 14, 2021

CALL TO ORDER:  Anyone desiring to view the Open Meetings Act may do so.
Roll Call: Kelli Thelen, Shelley Crawford, Peggy Leiting, Mag Borst, and Jeri Gubbels
Minutes, Financial Report and Bills
Jeri made a motion to approve the minutes, reports, and bills, Kelli seconded.
LIBRARY REPORT: 638 Visits with 1,036 tems circulating, 33 computer uses, 117 digital checkouts. 4 Children’s programs with 65 attending and no adult or young adult programs.
We have 95 children signed up for our Summer Reading Program.

Summer Reading Programs: Mondays in June
Innovation Training by appointment
Babysitting Clinic Wednesday July 28.
Book Discussions for elementary students, 13 signed up
Wildlife Encounters for the fair event. At the commons area in the high school. Have students bring their brag tags that night.
New story walk going up for Father’s day (In Memory of Dan Tunink)
Planning a “waffle it” activity for young adults (7-12th grades)

We do not have any restrictions for computer use but we ask patrons to wipe down the area before leaving.
Musical Instrument park-Shelley will contact someone in Norfolk to ask them about who ordered the Skyview equipment.
Signs for meeting room door. Something that is lighted and could draw attention to guests using the room.
Innovation Studio will be here until October.  We need to contact the city to continue to have Becky stay on to help.
City Employees will paint rail

Retaining wall: Jim Billerbeck will be bidding this

Ladies Night (like we have done in the past) Mag will contact someone about a wine tasting during the event. 


Friday, October 1st is a date option. Peggy will ask the city if the auditorium is available.
American Rescue Plan Act ($4000.00)
Peggy to post minutes on the website.
Post copyright notice by copier.
Peggy talked with Becky about possibly doing some afterschool programming.
Shelley made a motion to adjourn, Jeri seconded.

NEXT MEETING: July 12 @ 5:45